Old Masters

Old Masters Interior StainOld Masters Stain Wall

Old Masters Stain is Great for Interior Projects.

Are you looking for an interior stain and finish that lasts? Old Masters stain gives our customers the opportunity to create timeless pieces with quality wood finishing products. You can confidently choose from stains, clear finishes, wood preparation, wood care, faux finish sundries, touch-up products and more. So whether you’re matching an old wood floor or refinishing a piece of furniture, Old Masters stain is perfect for your project.

The tagline, “Crafted Quality Finishes”, says it all about these products. They reflect a craftsman’s expertise, helping you to achieve the best interior looks. Create your custom stain or choose from our ready mixed colors, rich tones colors, and Santa Fe colors. Whether you’re staining pallet walls, wood floors, furniture, or frames you will be satisfied with our stains.

Old Masters Stains come in various pail sizes. These products are only sold in our store. Online purchases are not available.

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