Cedar & Log Home Restoration


Cedar & Log Home Restoration

Properly maintaining your cedar or log home is essential to ensure the longevity of the siding. Left untreated, the wood surface will promote mold and mildew growth. In addition, the UV rays of the sun will continue to break down the finish on the wood and contribute to the deterioration of the wood surface.

Having your home maintained will ensure its natural beauty as well as protect against costly repairs. The Stain Shop has been restoring cedar and log homes for over 10 years. Because every home is unique, we work with our clients on a plan that best fits their needs.

We offer several different finishes to choose from to accommodate the needs of each customer and their desired results. Traditional oil based semi-transparent stains are popular for their ease of application and maintenance. They are available in transparent, semi-transparent and semi-solid finishes. These products penetrate deep into the wood pores and do not form a film on the outer layer of the wood. They fade over time and need to be maintained every 3-4 years.

Film forming finishes have a more durable outer layer and can offer a satin sheen to the home. These products are available in oil and water based formulas. They require multiple coats when being applied for the first time. Maintenance is still every couple of years, yet is done with a clear topcoat to keep the base color in place.

Preparation of the home is paramount when restoring wood. We offer media blasting, power washing, sanding, buffing, caulking and chinking. Each technique plays a role in preparing the wood to properly accept the finish and hold up to harsh environmental conditions.

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We are pleased to offer our cedar and log home restoration services to residents of Michigan.

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