Roof De-Icing

Cold weather and snow can cause major problems during the months of a Michigan winter.  Our winter services include roof shoveling and roof de-icing.  Heavy accumulations of snow on your roof can cause the build up of ice over your gutters and soffits.  The warm air from your home causes the roof snow to melt, when that water collects over your soffits, it freezes and starts forming ice dams.  The ice dams can cause damage to your home just by the weight of them, additionally keeping water from exiting your roof, where it can eventually work its way into your home.

The Stain Shop in Linden has the proper steam equipment to safely and effectively remove these ice dams from your roof to prevent costly repairs.  Contact our office in Linden today to discuss having the snow and ice removed from the roof of your home.

The Stain Shop

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