Stain Shop Log & Siding Stain (SAMPLE)



The Stain Shop Log & Siding Oil is designed to provide maximum protection from the sun and rain, while yielding a beautiful, natural wood finish. The rejuvenating wood formula replenishes lost oils in the wood, creating a finish that will not crack, peel or chip. Use this premium, penetrating oil based finish on new and weathered exterior wood surfaces. Samples are $12.95 with free shipping & handling and include a sample of each color. 

Stain Shop Log & Siding Natural log home
Natural Finish
Stain Shop Cedar on siding
Cedar Finish


Siding, Logs, Trim, Decks
Penetrating oil based formula that won’t peel!
Smooth Wood 250-400 sq.ft./U.S. gallon
Rough Wood   150-225 sq.ft./U.S. gallon

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Cedar, Chestnut


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